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Mother Felicia Laba <> To:ludwigotto, ‎Jul‎ ‎3, Dear Sir ,l am very grateful to the Lord Almighty for taking me to this level of study under your supervision.My extensive studies of Lee Strobel's videos and teachings has ignited my passion for both personal and mass Evangelism .l believe that when God is behind your message even the hardest criminals or atheists can accept the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour and become a true disciple through personal Evangelism and followup. I believe that l will still learn more strategies for soul winning.

BCU Mission Statement: Our Mission is to Lead the Lost to a Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; We Only Offer Free Evangelism Education Programs; The Bible is our Only Textbook; We are a division of the Ludwig Otto Organization; We are 100% Free !