Dear Dr. Otto, The work of evangelism in our district is fantastic. After our 2nd  Evangelism Training Program ended on 5th July, 2014 I sent every trainee in the field; many  reports are reported that many sinners are reconciled to their savior. Praise the Lord.    I would like to ask for your prayer.  My plan is to train many people who can go out and witness so that sinners may be reconciled to God; the time is short and many people are dying without hearing the gospel. One of the big challenges facing us is a lack of facilities, many people (Christians) in our district are poor to afford the expenses. For example I am intending to lead another one week evangelism Training program in the beginning of September; 25 trainees are expected to attend and be trained.  Please, can you help this program through your prayer so that God may provide the facilities needed for the success of the program?  If the Lord leads you to give us even the word of encouragement it will be a blessing.   

      In Christ, Dr. Elisha Ndema, Professor and Coordinator of Evangelism, Bold Christian , iversity, P.O. Box 497 Sengerema, Mwanza, Tanzania.  

Greetings Dr. My Mentor. I'm HUMPHREY MALIPINI. Student: DCE 042019. Dear Dr. I want to begin by saying THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity I was given to study Doctor of Christian Evangelism.

I wish I could say I've always recognized the significance of the role Dr. Ludwig Otto Bold Christian University (BCU) as played in preparing me for Soul Winning Evangelism Field Work. But not until recently did I truly begin to appreciate it. From the very beginning of Bachelor Degree of Evangelism all the way to Doctor of Christian Evangelism, Dr. Ludwig Otto not only taught me the importance of Soul Winning but involved me and showed me how I could make a significant contribution to spread God's glory to the nations. My prayer is to keep on studying, studying, studying and winning souls, souls, souls to the LORD. I''ll keep on recruiting more men and women of God with the passion for soul winning as BCU students. Kindly see my assignment lesson 7 DCE. Thank you again Dr.