WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about Ludwig Otto's books:

· Evangelist Billy Graham - "In today's world, this tool which you have authored will certainly be valuable in encouraging parents to build strong, enduring relationships with their children."
· Dr. Paige Patterson (President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) - "Some books you can take or leave. Other books ought not to be read. This book should by all means be read. It is much overdue. . In a day when have begun to call into question the evangelization and discipleship of children, Dr. Otto, pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas has faced the issues from a theological, biblical, and experiential perspective. The conclusions he draws here are not only significant, but ought to be read by every pastor and every parent."
· Dr. Paul Stripling (Executive Director Waco Baptist Association) - "Please forgive the delay in returning your material-but I did want to read it in its entirety. It is excellent material and I want you to know how very supportive I am of the work that you are doing in preparation of this book. Again, thank you for the compliment in sending the material to me-and giving me a chance to pursue and read this outstanding and pertinent information. I think that there has never been a time that we need to show them the importance of reaching our children-the time is now!"
· Rev. James A. Gray, Sr. (Pastor, Council, Idaho) – This book has truly blessed my heart. I plan to use it in my church.
· Rev. Joe Hawn (Minister to the Deaf, Baptist Convention of New Mexico) – I thought the book was real good. It is sure a needed book and will be of help to a number of folks.”
· Rev. Dale Burris (Pastor, Willow Park Baptist Church) – It is good to know that God desires to deal with all of us in our childhood and that children are given a special ability to believe God. May we take the principles prescribed in this volume and tap the untapped resources of childhood faith.”
· Ernest Parrish (President, Parrish Oil Field Services, Dickinson, North Dakota) I used quotes from your book at our City Council meeting.
· Detective Merrill Gilbert (Amarillo, Texas) - "This book has a message for every parent who is concerned about their children growing up in the kind of world we live in."
· Sheriff Ron McGee (Noble County, Oklahoma) - "This book has opened me up, personally, to the need and has inspired me to action."
· Mary Kay (founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics) - "The Lord Jesus is evident in your testimony."
· Evangelist Leighton Ford - "The love of Jesus flows through your ministry."
· Professor James Eaves - "You are writing in a very needed area."
· Dr. Curt Dodd (Pastor, Texas & Colorado) - "I believe in your ministry."
· Dr. Bailey Smith (Pastor, President of Southern Baptist Convention, Evangelist) - "I love your little book. It elevates the home and lifts up Christ."
· Dr. W. A. Criswell (Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas) - "You have a marvelous presentation and a God-blessed message."