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Degrees from City University of New York; Blackstone School of Law; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; University of Dallas; Southern Methodist University;

 Certificates from Columbia University(NYC); University of Pennsylvania; University of Texas at Austin; International Society of Management; NCR Programming School;  Honeywell Computer Programming School; Officer Candidate School (OCS)

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Aderemi Tosin <> To: ‎Jul‎ ‎24 at ‎3‎:‎00‎ ‎AM

Dear Ludwig, it is with great pleasure I facilitate with you for being alive to face another reality of life today. We are alive today because of the Grace and mercy of God and I pray for more abundance grace to sustain us in the race in Jesus name. I wish to apply for a membership status in your wonderful Association of Christian Educators so that I can feel the sense of belongings among the children of God in your organization and as well as bein among your spiritual sons from the continent of Africa, Nigeria to be precised.
I am a believer of Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am also aspiring to be a good shepherd who shall be leading the people of God to the promised land. Dr Manuel Shete Boluwatise, Ogbomoso, Nigeria. GOD'S PRECIOUS PLAN OF SALVATION Acts 2:21