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Simon Mathias, Windhoek, Namibia CHRISTIAN SHORT  STORY 

THE IMPORTANT EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ON EMPLOYEES’ PRODUCTIVITY Dr. Jalal Armache, Director of Executive MBA, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon 

mother felicia laba <> To: ludwigotto Nov 19 at 5:24 PM; Good evening sir. Thank you for your Patience with my works. DCE Lesson four has afforded me the privilege to train score of church workers for evangelism and missions and Christian leadership's strategies. My students were drawn from 5 Different churches.They enjoy both the theoretical class works and practical evangelism as they were sent out two by two to their communities for soul winning exercises. This was reflected in their testimonies and numbers of people led to salvation in Jesus Christ. The initial fears of the students from those who did not want to listen to them especially people of other religion were overcome through prayers and boldness in preaching the word of God.

Yours in Christ ,  Laba Felicia Adewumi, DCE Student